Alice Springs

"We're caterpillar Dreaming. That Dreaming, its been there all the time, its through Creation. We follow what our old people told us - That Dreaming was given to them in the beginning of time." "

Rosie Furber, daughter of Arrernte elder

From the moment you arrive in the "Alice", it's clear that this is no ordinary town.

Looking out from Anzac Hill, Alice Springs emerges not only as a busy regional hub and stepping-off point for visitors to "the Centre", but a town with its own strong stories to tell.

Anzac Hill

For the Arrernte people, the traditional custodians of this country, this is where ancestral creation beings - including caterpillars and wild dogs - travelled the land, naming and shaping prominent elements.

Alice Springs is both a place where natural features converge and a crossroads for traditional and contemporary cultures. Aboriginal people gather here from lands near and far.

The town is also home to Aboriginal owned and operated radio and television stations broadcasting an energetic mix of news and entertainment.

Savour of the Art and the Attractions

For a town of only 27 000 people, Alice Springs has a wealth of galleries, museums and other highlights which reflect the great vitality - and diversity - of Aboriginal life in Central Australia.

A short walk through town reveals a flourishing marketplace for art. Several Aboriginal owned galleries such as ours, display work from outlying desert communities and some provide opportunities to interact with artists.

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